One of the most frequently asked questions eSources members ask is how can they easily find misspelled listings on eBay. Misspelled listings are auctioned items that were listed with incorrectly spelled words. Because they are misspelled, those items are not returned by eBay searches and therefore sell for prices much lower than average. Purchasing them and then reselling them on eBay itself, with the correct spelling, can mean very high margins, sometimes much higher than buying from wholesalers or even manufacturers. Margins of 1000% using this strategy are not unheard of.

Some traders rely on misspellings software to find those listings. The problem with software packages is that their misspelled words libraries are updated very rarely. The best option available today is a free tool with a continuously updated library of misspellings. It's the most up to date in the market. You can search misspelled items by eBay site, restrict your search to auctions accepting PayPal only, include Buy Now auctions, search titles and descriptions, and even filter your search using exclude keywords. You can find the tool at the following link:

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