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When people walk into your establishment you want to be able to offer them an attractive, reliable product that provides sound value.

Before you can do that, you must locate a wholesaler, also known as a supplier or distributor, who will deliver the goods where and when you need them. They must offer a quality product, at a competitive price, and adequate volume.

You need inventory in your store and that translates into finding a supplier that is accessible, reliable, and ethical. You don't want to compromise your success by engaging anyone who offers less. If you do, it could mean lost sales, disgruntled customers, and the failure of your enterprise. is your ultimate resource for connecting with importers, trade suppliers, and wholesale distributors in the United Kingdom. Our directory provides contact information, profiles, and product overviews for thousands of companies listed under 26 main industry sectors. By utilizing our service, you can be just minutes away from connecting to the wholesaler who will meet your needs.

Our business philosophy - which is based on linking retailers with potential suppliers - is focused on your success and prosperity. If you benefit from using our site by discovering the right wholesale distributor for your storefront then we have served both you and the supplier, making a win-win proposition.

You may also see the TradePass™ icon displayed in a company's listing just to the right of its name. This symbol is displayed after a wholesaler has gone through an authentication process that has verified them as a legally registered business. Although the TradePass™ symbol does not attest to a company's sound and ethical business practices, it does confirm that the contact person in the profile has the authority to represent or is employed by the firm. The process engendered by TradePass™ is an important step in determining a distributor's viability and in reducing your anxiety about sourcing trade products via the Internet.

After assembling a list of possible wholesalers, you'll be able to instantly view some of their products, access their website, or contact a company representative. By simply browsing a firm's listing on our site, you can do all of this and more.

The next step is to directly contact a potential supplier. You should explain what business you're in, the quality and volume of product you sell, and what you are looking for in a wholesaler. You'll want to know how they can insure that you'll have enough product when you need it; what their billing terms are; and how quickly they can turnaround an order.

Along with monitoring the information contained in their answers, you should be aware of how open they are to questions, their willingness to offer additional explanations and details at your request, and their openness in supplying you with references and printed materials. If a potential distributor is closed to your queries during the interview process, chances are this will remain a constant if you engage them in business. An unwillingness to communicate signals problems for future interactions and indicates that your search for a supplier is not yet over. For this point to be valid, your enquiries should be complete, and provide the supplier with all the information they require to qualify your request; suppliers think like you, so if your enquiry does not seem serious they will think the same of your business and potential as a customer.

Even if you feel you've found the right supplier you should continue looking for and interview company contacts. If you think you've exhausted your choices, go back to and review the listings, looking for new businesses or for companies that you past over the first time. With a few interviews to your credit, you're armed with new information that may change your views on the suppliers you initially rejected.

This process can take time. Our website helps you utilize your time effectively and efficiently. You may be tempted to take shortcuts by not asking questions or by going with the first promising wholesaler you find. Use every means you have to make your search and your retail business resounding successes.

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